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Do you need bearings fast for a great price?

We understand the "breakdown" industry.

You or your customer needs a bearing quickly to get going again.

Or you work in the repair business and need a supplier who can get what you need quickly.

Often it’s hard to identify the bearings you need, and to find supplier who can supply in good time for a good price.

We know exactly how you feel, and that’s why we’ve set up our business to help you.

  • Surplus Bearings has 67 years’ experience working in the bearing industry to help you identify the exact bearings you need.
  • Sourcing bearings from over 14,000 lines of stock or from over 100 times that from our network of Australian and International bearing companies.
  • We use our network of freight companies to get your bearings to you on time no matter where you are.
We’ll identify exactly what bearings you need, source those bearings for you and then get them shipped to you quickly.

As well as new bearings, we supply carefully sourced and inspected surplus bearings that we sell to you below your normal cost, increasing your profits on every sale.

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Surplus bearings also sell:

Bearings, Power Transmissions,

Seals, O-Rings, Eclips and

Accessories, Grease, and Castors

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