• Surplus Bearings
  • Surplus Bearings
  • Surplus Bearings
  • Surplus Bearings


If not stocked, we can find any bearing anywhere in the world and deliver to your door!

We understand the "breakdown" industry and know you need bearings quickly to keep production going

We will identify the bearings you need if you can't and get them to you as fast as you require it.

You can count on us for
  • Identifing and finding the exact bearings you need anywhere in the world 
  • FAST delivery with our  network of freight companies no matter where you are.
  • Talk to us about our FINDER service membership 
We also supply Power Transmissions, Seals, O-Rings, Eclips and Accessories, Grease, and Castors
Come in and talk to Pete and the TEAM and tell us what your problem is and we will solve it for you.
Call +61 07 3808 7494 now

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