Koyo Bearings

We stock and supply a huge range of Koyo bearings. Our extensive range of Koyo Bearings, including:

  • Taper roller
  • Spherical rollers
  • Transmission bearings and 
  • Housings
Most Koyo bearings specially are used for aviation, automotive, marine, cargo systems, engines, agriculture, heavy equipments and machinery, solar panels, medical equipments, power houses, manufacturing, mining, conveyer rollers, wind turbines, robotics and fishing equipments. 

We sell new bearings directly from manufacturers and also carefully sourced and inspected surplus bearings we can always sell to you at below your normal cost, increasing your profits on every sale.

If you know the number of the bearing you would like, enter it into our search engine to see whether we have it in stock.

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Alternatively, please use our inquiry form for more information with regards to availability, price and shipping costs. If your query is urgent, feel free to call 07 3808 7494 on Monday to Friday during business hours and talk to one of our experts.