About Surplus Bearings... 
We know bearings, 88 years of bearing knowledge in house 5 days a week. 

Make one call to Surplus Bearings and we identify exactly what bearings you need, source those bearings for you and get them shipped to you within 24 hours if local and 48 interstate.

We are your solution for all your BEARINGS, Seals and associated products  PROBLEMS .

Don't let breakdowns GET YOU DOWN ... attach yourself to Surplus Bearings  and have breakdowns be a thing of the past. 

Pete and the TEAM or are waiting now to take your call now 

 +61 07 3808 7494 

The 5 reasons why Surplus Bearings can help you …

  1. We use our 88 years of experience working within the bearing industry to help you identify the exact bearings you need.. you can’t beat years of knowledge and experience to help identify bearings. Our team have a massive  knowledge and experience. We also have an extensive library of catalogues and manuals dating back many years to refer too. All this means we’re able to identify even the most unique bearings quickly and easily.​
  2. Sourcing the bearings for you from over 16,283 lines of stock or from over 2102 bearing companies that form  our network of Australian and International bearing companies.. which means that even if we don’t have it 9 times out of 10 we will be able to find it for you. We have developed strong relationships with our national and international network, so once we know what you need we’re able to do the calling around to locate it. Where ever it is​.
  3. We use our network of freight companies to get your bearings to you on time no matter where you are.. By understanding this is a breakdown industry we work hard to get your bearings to you as quick as possible so you and your customers don’t have to wait. We send bearings all over Australia every day and deal with a number of freight companies so we can do the same for you…
  4. New & New Old stock … As well as new bearings we also sell carefully sourced and inspected surplus bearing. All guaranteed
  5. Every bearing that comes through our doors are cleaned, visually & mechanically inspected and tested, re lubricated and re boxed. We are so confident that our bearings are quality, that if there is a problem we will replace it and cover the shipping, no questions asked.

Put us to the test and call 07 38087494 to find your bearings NOW.