How to fit a transmission bearing into a cast iron housing

  • Mount housing in vice and secure with filler slots facing out.
  • Feed bearing outer ring into filler slots and twist into position.
  • Make sure the grease hole  or groove in the bearing will  line up with grease hole or groove in housing  (for  greasing management) when aligned and fitted.
  • If the bearing has a locating ball in outer ring this needs to be positioned in the middle of filler slot before alignment is commenced.
  • When using an AEL or UEL remove the collar before trying to fit in filler slot.
  • Use a bar small enough to go through the middle of the bearing and finish the alignment by forcing the bearing into the aligned or parallel position. It doesn’t have to be exact, as when mounted, the shaft will finish the job.
  • In some rare USA designed bearing and housing assemblies, the bearing is held in with a holler roll pin running through the housing and into the bearing. This can be found under the grease nipple. Once removed disassembly and assembly is as above.