The common use of 6203 Bearing … What’s its story

It takes more and 25 operations  to produce this bearing. One of the most commonly used bearings in the world.

It has the most  vast selection of different shaft sizes of any bearing made . Below are some of the variations .

6203-2RS -19.05      3/4x40x12
6203-2RS                 17x40x12
6203-2RS -16           16x40x12
6203-2RS -15.875    15.875x40x12
6203-2RS -15           15x40x12
6203-2RS-12.7         12.7x40x12
6203-2RS -12           12x40x12
6203-2RS-11.68       11.684x40x12
6203-2RS 9.525       9.525x40x12

Some uses for 6203-2RS bearing

  • Idlers in timing belts in motor vehicle, ride on mowers, Trucks , Ag equipment
  • Wheel bearings in small cars , motorbikes , quad bikes
  • Clutch Spigot bearings for cars and small trucks
  • Outboard motors drives and gearbox
  • Motorbike gearboxes
  • Industrial gearbox and angle drives
  • Electric motors  for Pool pumps , bench grinders  , irrigation pumps, Industrial fans
  • Air tools
  • Power tools , drills , grinders , jackhammers
  • Guides for large sliding doors and drawers , bending steel, band saws
  • Wheels for trolleys, castors , pallet jacks , forklifts, jockey wheels
  • Material handling rollers, mining conveyor rollers.
  • Sheaves for small cranes and gantry
  • Mowers engines and wheels, whipper snippers, mulchers, chainsaws
  • Commercial blenders
  • Solar power actuators
  • Stage lighting
  • Dishwashers
  • Clothes washer
  • Aircondictioner units
  • Fishing reels
  • Commercial printing machines
  • Honey extracting wheel
  • Exercise bikes and treadmills
  • Model cars, boats, planes , helicopters.