What Are Surplus Bearings?

People often get confused with our name and what exactly surplus bearings are.

First of all we don’t just sell surplus bearings we also sell brand new bearings directly from the manufacturer.

But with surplus bearings we can always sell to you at below your normal cost, increasing your profits on every sale… We also have access to a large stock line and can often find you your bearing that isn’t available else where.

But it’s important to know surplus bearings are not used bearings! They’ve never been used and are just surplus to requirements.

We source surplus bearings from around the world and spend a lot of time locating bearings that people no longer need that we can then sell on to you at a competitive price.

Before on-selling the bearings to you they go through a thorough 5-step quality review as follows:

  1. All bearings are carefully inspected
  2. They are washed in a continuously filtered flushing system until clean 
  3. They are inspected for rolling or cage damage. If there is any doubt they are thrown out
  4. If passed, a thorough coating of non staining rust preventative is applied
  5. They are then wrapped and re-boxed for sale

Surplus Bearings is so confident that you and your client will be delighted with your bearings we offer a full money back guarantee.

We’ll get them picked up, give you a full refund and supply free replacement bearings, no questions asked.  You can't beat that!

So call us now on 07 3808 7494, or search online and see how much we can save you …